Wild Game and Domestic Animal Processing in Denver/Wheat Ridge

Animals Accepted

Rocky Mountain Meats can process any Big Game animal, including but not limited to:

* Antelope

* Bear

* Deer

* Elk

* Moose

* Wild Boar

We also gladly accept a variety of Small Game and Waterfowl for processing. 

Minimum Required

Rocky Mountain Meats does require at least a 10 pound minimum on any Big or Small Game and/or Waterfowl drop-off for processing.

Colorado Big Game

Refer to our Colorado Big Game page for more details on hunting Big Game in Colorado or visit our Hunting Resources Page to access direct links to the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife.

Colorado Small Game

In order to accept Small Game and/or Waterfowl, we must ensure the following items are met:

1. A carcass tag must be attached to wildlife
requiring one.

2. Licensees must accompany wildlife not
requiring a carcass tag
3. One fully feathered wing or head must be
attached to birds in transit until they arrive at
hunter’s home or commercial processing

Please remember that it is illegal to leave migratory birds anywhere other than at your home or with someone else for picking, cleaning, processing, permanent
or temporary storage or taxidermy, unless the
birds or package of birds have a tag attached.
You must sign tags and include your address,
total number and species of birds, date of kill
and your hunting license number.

If you have someone else’s migratory birds
for picking, cleaning, freezing, processing,
storing or shipping, you must have records
showing the number of each species, date
you received them, date birds were
disposed of, and name and address of who
received the birds and you must keep records 1 year after the last entry.

Wild Game Processing