Due to volume and limited hours, all invoices that are ready will be called on the phone.

Thank you!

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Rocky Mountain Meats

Pickup Instructions:

1. You will receive a phone call indicating your order is ready.  This phone call will reference your Invoice Number and inform you of the available times and dates to pickup your order.

2. Your order number will be placed on this site as another means to notify you that your order is ready.

3. Please bring your invoice with you when you pickup your order.

4. Orders can be picked up in the SAME LOCATION THAT YOU DROPPED OFF YOUR CARCASS/MEAT AT.  Please do not go to Wheat Ridge Poultry, they are inspected by a different government agency and are not allowed to have wild game in their area.

5. If nobody is at the pickup area, please ring the door bell and wait.  Someone will be with you shortly. 

6. Provide our employee with your invoice and they will bring your order to you.

7. Make any payments that need to be made in our office.