Wild Game and Domestic Animal Processing in Denver/Wheat Ridge

Step 5: Sausage/Jerky Production

After your steaks, roasts and burger have been cut and wrapped, we begin the sausage and jerky production or your order.  Meat that has been held to the side from your animal is mixed with pork and seasonings to complete the sausage orders.  Sausage is produced and wrapped and then placed with your production/invoice number in our freezer.  Smoked Sausage and Jerky take longer to produce as they need to have specific cooking times and temperatures.  Once these items are cooked, they are cooled and then wrapped and placed with your order in the freezer.

One Animal = One Batch

Step 2: INTAKE

Animals are weighed and assigned a production number.   This production number stays with your animal throughout the entire process.    Each species has a specific colored intake tag.   

Step 3: Order

After your animal has been weighed and you have received your production number, you will be directed to our office to place your order.  To view our available products, please click here.

Step 1: DROP-OFF

Animals are received at our location located behind the shopping center at 5650 West 29th Ave in Wheat Ridge (Depew and 29th Ave)

Our Process

Time Frame

Because each animal is processed individually, our process does take time.  Depending upon the season and what is included in your order, the production of sausage and jerky could take 4 to 12 weeks. 

We pride ourselves on making sure one animal = one batch and that is something that can't be rushed. 

Interested in learning more about our process?  Contact us at status@rockymountainmeats.com to have a tour of our facility scheduled.

Step 4: Production

During the production phase, your animal is cut into steaks, roasts and burger and then wrapped.  This process usually take about one week to finish.  After your steaks, roasts and burger have been produced, your order is tagged with your production/invoice number and placed in our freezer.  You will be called to claim your order at this point or we will begin sausage and jerky production, if required.