Evidence of sex is not required if a donation certificate accompanies less than 20 pound of meat or after the carcass is cut into processed meat.

You must attach a carcass tag to animals you kill per instructions on your tag.  Tags must be signed immediately, dated and detached from the license and attached to the carcass of the animal.  Tags cannot be attached to detached hides, horns, antlers or carried separately.  Tags must remain on the animal until the meat is processed and remain with the meat until the meat is consumed.  Colorado Law states that it is illegal to sign or tear the tag before a kill.

Big Game in Colorado

It is illegal to illegal to have or transport a big-game carcass without evidence of sex naturally attached. 

BUCK/BULL: Head with antlers or horns attached to carcass; or testicle, scrotum or penis attached to carcass.

DOE/COW: Head, udder or vulva attached to carcass.

BLACK BEAR:  Male: testicles or penis; Female: vulva.

Rocky Mountain Meats

Colorado Law requires hunters to wear at least 500 square inches of SOLID DAYLIGHT FLUORESCENT ORANGE material on an outer garment above the waist while hunting deer, elk, pronghorn, bear or moose with any firearm license.  A fluorescent orange hat or head covering, visible from all directions, is also required.