Wild Game and Domestic Animal Processing in Denver/Wheat Ridge

RMM Processing is able to process your previously slaughtered domestic animals.  Domestic Animals accepted for processing include:

* Beef/Cow/Buffalo

* Pork

* Lamb/Goat

Your animal is processed according to your specifications and returned to you in vacuum sealed freezer bags or freezer safe plastic chubs. 

Domestic Animal Processing

Cow/Buffalo Available Cuts

Chuck Steaks or Roasts


Rump Roasts or Round Steaks

Eye of Round Steaks or Roasts

Top Round Steaks, Roasts or London Broil

Shank Roast or Steaks

Plate Ribs Whole or Short

Skirt Steaks

Flank Steaks

Sirloin Steaks or Roasts

Tri-Tip Roasts or Steaks

T-Bones or NY Strips and Filets

Fielts Whole or Steaks

Ribeye Boneless or Bone-In

Stew Meat

Stir Fry

Fajitia Meat

Cube Steaks

Ground Meat 

Lamb/Goat Cuts

Leg of Lamb

Shoulder Roasts or Chops


Loin Chops

Rib Chops


Ground Meat

Basic Processing

Our Basic Processing combines your selected steak/chop cuts, roasts, hams, bacon and ground meat. 

Basic Processing Prices Run from $1.09 to $1.49 per pound. 

Refer to our Products Page for additional information on Jerky and Sausages available.

Pork Cuts

Hams Bone-In or Boneless






Country Style Ribs

Spare Ribs

Baby Back Ribs

Ground Meat