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Colorado's Premier Wild Game Processor

5650 W. 29th Ave. Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80214


Welcome hunters to Colorado's premier wild game processor!  If you are one of our many returning customers welcome back! If you are new to us then you might ask, what makes us different from the other processors you may have used in the past?  Simple, your animal will be assigned a unique identification number to track it through our USDA certified facility. This ensures that the meat from the animal you harvested and cared for is the meat you take home. You may be surprised to learn that not every processor is willing, or able, to make that claim. We are passionate about returning  you the highest quality product from the highest quality meat available, your wild game! These animals are free from hormones and anti-biotics, free range and grass fed. Careful handling by you and expert processing by us adds up to a product that can't be equaled anywhere, at any price.

It's a responsibility we take seriously. Let us prove it to you! 

Rocky Mountain Meats is a family owned and operated business committed to quality products and excellent customer service since 1997.

Hours of operation

Monday - Saturday: 9am to 6pm

Sunday: 10am to 6pm

Hunters! Last drop off @ 5:30pm!

carcass tag required